These Kababs will take you to Paradise

Foodie heaven, look out, here come some unsuspecting kabab eaters.

Ever tried Afghan cuisine?

What is it? Why should you try it? And most importantly, where can you find some in the Hudson Valley of NY?

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Let me explain, no let me sum up.

What is it:

The stars of every plate are the flavorful salty meats.  I’m talking grilled chicken, beef and lamb. Rice cooked with dried fruit, nuts and carrots. Lemon yogurt sauce on everything. Warm fluffy pita bread. Crispy french fries on the side, and sometimes even hidden in your pita or rice.

The list of great ingredients can go on and on, but you get my drool inducing point.

Why you should try it:

Genuinely delicious, actually unique and different in flavor, this type of cuisine blew my mind and taste buds and I want you to enjoy a similar experience.

Where you can get it:

Kabab Paradise

76 N. Beverwyck Road, Lake Hiawatha, NJ

What the restaurant is like:

Divey and friendly.

In summer we like to sit outside at one of the cafe tables on the sidewalk.

If you’re in a hurry, call in an order and pick it up. Their to go orders are fast and conveniently packaged.

Sitting inside is always an interesting experience, as so many families come here for gatherings. It’s usually a pretty happening place. So, bonus, people watching.

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In conclusion, I want to end with a heartfelt exhortation:

You have got to give Afghanistan-style food a try!

And then drink a gallon of water, cuz that junk is salt-y!

Not your style? Maybe try some Japanese ramen instead!