Coffee and Hiking and Beer – Wallkill NY

Coffee and Hiking and Beer Drinking at Wallkill NY should be on your to do list!

Let’s be honest folks, it’s the end of summer.

A bummer, I know. It sucks, why are we even talking about this.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy thoroughly the little time that we have left before the winter monster and grey blues and end of the world feeling takes over.

So, grab your hiking shoes, get caffeinated, pack your lunches, and let’s go hiking and beer-drinking!

Have you tried these local spots yet?

But first, coffee?

Get a coffee and your sugar fix at All Things Delicious.

Cool new small town country coffee cafe sandwich hipster hip hipsters hudson valley cute quaint

Swing by 61 Main St, Pine Bush, NY for your morning coffee and some sweet stuff.

This place just oozes small town charm.

It is a teeny understated cafe that serves up the best chocolate chip cookies on the planet.

Dont miss out on the quiche and freshly made sandwiches.

Hiking Sam’s Point and Beyond.

Hiking beer sams point minnewaska verkeederkill waterfall hudson valley hipster cool new interesting outdoors

This hike is outstanding, a must do.

You pay $10.00 per car to park at the bottom of the hill. (worth it)

And then, you have a choice of four hiking routes to take.

1 – Head up to Sam’s Point. (so high up) You can stop here either on the way up or down. (your choice)

2 – Add one mile onto your journey by doing the loop that takes you thru the ice caves. (cool) (optional)

3 – Not to be scoffed at is the four mile round trip stint off to the Verkeerderkill Falls. (rocky with great views) Stand at the top of the falls stare down the 180 foot drop. (this is our picnic spot of choice) Where else in the world can you swing your hiking booted feet back and forth over hundreds of feet of pure air with water gushing underneath while you chow down on your trail mix. Enjoy.

4 – An excursion to Lake Maratanza adds half a mile to your hiking journey but rewards you with seeing a beautiful lake that sits at 2245 feet above sea level. (drinking water means no human swimming but no need to stop Fido from paddling around)

Directions: 66 Sam’s Point, Cragsmoor, New York 12420, or try Pine Bush as the town if your GPS is persnickety.

After your tired out from hiking hop into your car for a short ride down to cider-land.

Drink Free Beer at Angry Orchard.

Cider beer outdoors cool new interesting hudson valley hipster hipsters wallkill apple

The grounds here are utterly gorgeous.

A mountain backdrop reveals rolling hills covered with apple trees.

The brewery offers free tours, with a free flight, three flavors of cider to try.

Fill up your cider glasses and head out to the beautiful backyard garden to enjoy.

There are picnic tables and benches to chill, even fire pits for chillier evenings.

There is a bar serving up cider by the pint if your flight disappears too quickly.

Enjoy live music and food truck fare.

Depending upon the day and time you go, you can enjoy live music on the lawn.

Food trucks are nearby, offering delicious Italian style pizzas and various other fried and delicious treats.

Don’t skip the apple cider donuts for dessert! Not that you need a reminder, the minute you enter the outdoor area you smell that cinnamon sugar in the air. (yum!)

Also, you can opt to spend $10 extra to tour and taste in the treehouse bar. It’s a little “Disney” for my taste, but an argument can be make for drinking above ground in a tree. I’ll allow it.

In conclusion, I promise this will make for a full day, a great combination of active hiking and chill beer drinking.

So, grab some friends and head out there!

Enjoy the last moments of summer 2018!

If you’re just not up to this level of activity but still wanna go out, try one of these local (and delicious) coffee shops.