Aerial Acrobatics in an Antique Barn

Workout routine getting stale?

For a new challenge, go to the Body Art Barn in Blooming Grove, NY and try an aerial silk workout!

This 200 year old remodeled red barn is an exquisitely beautiful setting for a calming yet engaging way to exercise.

What the Body Art Barn is like:

Colorful silks hang from antique wooden beams high up in the barn’s rafters.  Wooden planks are smooth under your feet, worn soft from years of use. Fresh air filters in through the door and opened windows, letting the breeze gently cool you during your exertions. Tens of uniquely shaped mirrors hang from the walls of the studio, where the focus is not on how you look but how you feel.

The instructors seem happy, relaxed, helpful and incredibly talented. They are attentive enough to ensure you’re not unsafe while being experienced enough to help you challenge yourself.

Our workout started with 45 minutes of yoga based stretches. These included extensive shoulder and hip stretches, which later we were so glad we did! Then the class moved off the blankets and up into the sky! For the remainder of class time, we flew!

The instructor wowed us with the perfect and artistic shapes she made with her body. We gasped as she climbed nimbly up the silk. One of us was even moved to tears watching as she formed her body into aerial poses and holds of extreme grace and beauty.

Then came the students turn to imitate the instructor. Wow, she made it look really easy! Twisted into knots, sweating all over, us two newbie hipster bloggers felt uncomfortable in the struggle. But, oh the selfies came out great!

In conclusion, we left after 75 minutes of workout time feeling calm, refreshed and at peace. And our shoulder muscles were already beginning to ache. Can we give this experience ten stars? Maybe we should rewrite the stars?

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2952 NY-94, Blooming Grove, NY


Check out the Body Barn website for class schedules, pricing and more pictures of the insanely gorgeous barn.

Which class you should take:

Intro to aerial silks was the perfect first class for us, and we recommend it immensely!

Why you should go:

Calming and challenging, you will leave this class happy and feeling the sore muscles.